Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations. Please Read carefully

Rules and Regulations for Neelraksh Bugnlows

  • 1 . This Scheme is for only 751 Members & 60 Months only.
  • 2 . Firm Reg.No.GUJ/RJT/72419.
  • 3 . After becoming the member, one has to pay continious 60 nos. EMI and for paying the EMI the last date will be 5 day before draw to be held and has to be deposited at Neelraksh Enterprise, Bhuj Kutchh.
  • 4 . We are also accepting Demant draft and Cheque payment methods.
  • 5 . Monthly Meeting of the scheme will be held on 3th sunday of each month & every member is requested to give there presence.
  • 6 . Neelraksh Enterprise, Bhuj Kutchh poses the rights to make any change in rules and date of monthly meeting and shall be acceptable to all the members.
  • 7 . If EMI cheque will be returned then member has to pay extra charges for that reason.
  • 8 . Member will be permanently removed whos continues three cheque been return, and his/her paid EMI will be refunded in next 20 months.
  • 9 . Member has to pay all 60 EMI. After 60 meeting, fully EMI paid members will get the registration of property and expense of registration of sale deed document shall be bare by member.
  • 10 . Every Member has to collect his/her monthly EMI receipt from his/her agent at time to time.
  • 11 . Each member has chance to win more than one main & consolation prizes and Main Draw Winner Member will be added in remaining draws.
  • 12 . Winner of Vehicle prizes has to bare the expenses of RTO, Tax and Insurance etc.
  • 13 . At the time of collect winner prizes, Member has to show original receipt of that month of EMI.
  • 14 . After 25 meeting, full EMI paid members will get the possession of ready bugnlows.
  • 15 . Member name transfer fees in neelraksh bunglows is Rs. 2500 /-.
  • 16 . Early full EMI paid member can choose his choice of bunglows and other bunglows will be given by Draw System.
  • 17 . Bank loan service is available and EMI cheque to be made by named of "Neelraksh Enterprise".
  • 18 . 5 main prize bunglows will be developed at site project and its possession will be given after 60 meetings of project and expense of registration of sale deed document shall be bare by member.
  • 19 . If in future the shown prize is not be available, the market prize of the company will be given to the winner.
  • 20 . This booklet is only for information purpose, this doesn't meant as legal documents.
  • 21 . Neelraksh Enterprise, poses the rights to make any change in rules, prizes, information and shall be acceptable to all the members.
  • 22 . Member has to take membership after read and accept above mentioned rules.
  • 23 . Member will be face legal problems if he/she disobey the above mentioned rules.
  • 24 . Court of Bhuj will have jurisdiction to decide any dispute.